Managing Stress in the Workplace

Art of Being’s تدبير الضغط العصبي في مكان العمل – Managing Stress in the Workplace program teaches employees about mindfulness, so that they can lead more conscious lives, behaviors and attitudes.

We provide practical methods to implement mindfulness, such as simple and effective meditations. Interactive discussions are also supported to encourage employees who seek to weave mindful habits to their daily work life.

“When we speak of meditation, it is important for you to know that this is not some weird cryptic activity, as our popular culture might have it. It does not involve becoming some kind of zombie, vegetable, self-absorbed narcissist, navel gazer, “space cadet,” cultist, devotee, mystic, or Eastern philosopher. Meditation is simply about being yourself and knowing something about who that is.

– Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness is not an elaborate gimmick, it is paying attention to the present moment in an accepting, nonjudgmental way — a simple practice available to all, with clear psychological benefits. Research has shown that mindfulness is a reliable method for reducing stress, including at work. By training the mind to focus on the present moment, it prevents catastrophic and anxious ‘what-if’ thinking.

Revolving around focusing the mind on the present moment, mindfulness improves attention. Quite literally, mindful practises activate our prefrontal cortex, where attention and conscious thinking happen.

Both the quality of work and stress-levels are implicated when a workforce has to constantly flip from one task to another. By practicing mindfulness, simply coming back to the present moment again and over again, a team can train themselves to become more focused.

Learning Goal for تدبير الضغط العصبي في مكان العمل – Managing Stress in the Workplace

Integrate tools to manage your stress, both at work and in your personal life. You will learn how to regulate your response to stressful stimuli, by redirecting your attention on the more tangible present moment. With your initiative, you can integrate into your daily life stress-reduction activities and behaviors that add to your wellbeing and happiness in the workplace.

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