Art of Being honors the whole experience of being human; from how we connect to ourselves, to how we relate to those we work with.

Asma Al Hamiz Al Suwaidi, Founder of Art of Being.

Passionate about deepening the human potential, both on a personal and professional level.

Asma is a trained psychotherapist with a specialization in Expressive Arts Therapy, which is a globally recognized transpersonal form of Art Therapy.

As the first Emirati with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Sofia University) in Palo Alto, California, Asma’s career began in the corporate world of asset management and investments where she continued to work for 13 years. She holds an MBA from the London Business School, where she focused her studies on organizational behavior, strategy and leadership.

To Asma, Art of Being is about exploring moments in which the body, mind and soul are rooted in ‘being’, self-awareness and ‘flow.’ Over her years of study and practice, Transpersonal Psychology has brought depth and quality to her own life, so as such her mission is to share embodied practises to move in and move through existential discomfort to reach a higher level of consciousness and harmony.

From 2013-2015, Asma worked at the Community Center for Health and Wellness in Palo Alto, California where she trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist in a number of programs. Asma professionally counseled adults and children diagnosed with Autism at the Son-Rise Program, provided therapy to children at an afterschool program in East Palo Alto’s Lauren’s House 4 Positive Change, and gave therapy to a family at the homeless community at Home & Hope. As part of her time at the community center in Palo Alto, Asma co-facilitated a monthly support group for caregivers of cystic fibrosis patients, and a weekly mindfulness meditation group.

Qualifications and Holistic Experiences

Emotional and Sensation based Holistic Counseling

This branch of Psychology that respects the connection between the emotions and body. Research indicates that therapies that use embodied practises are effective for treating trauma and stress.  Approach focuses on sensational based holistic counseling.

Asma is a Holistic Counselor certified by Working with People, A Psychology of Awakening. Working with People is certified by the Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation (SIAF). 

Asma is a certified teacher of The Non-Linear Movement Method® an embodiment practice developed by Michaela Boehm. 

Asma is a certified Reiki Master, a non-contact Japanese technique that employs hands to feel life-force energy around someone’s body. She has also been practicing the 5 Rhythms Movement Meditation for over a decade.

Expressive Arts Therapy

A form of Art Therapy that uses six artistic modalities to integrate themes, ideas and insights from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind.

Specialized in Expressive Arts therapy, Asma facilitated a Creative Expression group-workshop for women in Abu Dhabi to enhance emotional well-being and self-development through painting, collage making, poetry therapy, movement meditation among other modalities.

Raising Mental Health Awareness in the MENA Region

An active member in the community, Asma’s constant aim is to raise awareness on mental health issues that are viewed as taboo.

Feb 2018 — Facilitated a workshop for 100 Women in Finance on Authenticity in the Workplace.

March 2019 — Hosted by the 100 Women in Finance to speak about Demystifying the Road to Resilience.

February 2020 — Hosted by the Milken Institute’s MENA Summit to speak on a panel on When Words Fail: Healing Through Creative Self-Expression.

December 2020 – Expressive Art Therapy program provided by Art of Being, Awaken your Inner Light workshop for women — in Arabic. 

Corporate and Community Workshops in the MENA Region

Having worked in senior echelons of the corporate world and as a proud member of the Emirati community, Asma facilitates impactful workshops in the region to elevate peoples’ personal power, connection with themselves and others.

March 2018 — Workshop for Sheraa, the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre, on How to Nurture and Sustain an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

March 2020 — Webinar for the International Business Women’s group on Mindfulness Based Practices to Cope with Uncertain Times.

April 2020 — Corporate Seminar for Emirates Investment Authority on Building Emotional Resilience During Stressful Times.

July 2020 — Workshop on Women’s Empowerment for the Jahzeen Initiative – in Arabic.

Movement Meditation

The Non-Linear Movement Method® is a somatic practice that connects us to our bodies.  A technique that supports the mind to release bodily held wisdom, where sensations of the body reveal bodily intelligence. The method has shown it helps to regulate the nervous system.

Asma is a certified teacher of The Non-Linear Movement Method® an embodiment practice developed by Michaela Boehm.

Holistic Healing

Entails reconnecting an individual’s “healthy” aspects to parts that are in need of healing, for the purpose of psychophysical harmony; through the natural process of self-awareness, transformation, and growth.

Asma is a Holistic Counselor certified by Working with People, A Psychology of Awakening. Working with People is certified by the Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation (SIAF). 

Working with People – A Psychology of Awakening, is a unique approach that creates a bridge between the individual as seen through the understandings of Western Humanistic Psychology and approaches to spiritual awakening with origins in various middle eastern and eastern traditions.

“Only those who have cultivated the art of living completely in the present have any use for making plans for the future, for when the plans mature they will be able to enjoy the results.”

James Fadiman, Co-Founder of the Institute

of Transpersonal Psychology (Sofia University)