Art of Being’s Past Events

All events that we organize and facilitate encourage self-development, empowerment, and awareness. We raise mental health awareness in MENA by shedding light on topics ranging from actualizing our potential, to trauma healing, and to clear practices on how to live a more embodied life.

2016 to 2019

Facilitated Expressive Art therapy workshops for women in Abu-Dhabi.

February 2018

Facilitated a workshop for 100 Women in Finance on Authenticity in the Workplace.

March 2018

Workshop for Sheraa, the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre, on How to Nurture and Sustain an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

March 2019

Hosted by the 100 Women in Finance to speak about Demystifying the Road to Resilience.

February 2020

Hosted by the Milken MENA Summit to speak on a panel on When Words Fail: Healing Through Creative Self-Expression.

March 2020

Webinar for the International Business Women’s group on Mindfulness Based Practices to Cope with Uncertain Times.

April 2020

Corporate Seminar for Emirates Investment Authority on Building Emotional Resilience During Stressful Times.

July 2020

Workshop on Women’s Empowerment for the Jahzeen Initiative — in Arabic.

December 2020

Expressive Art Therapy program provided by Art of Being, Awaken your Inner Light workshop for women — in Arabic.

Our Upcoming Holistic Experiences & Events

We look forward to holistic experiences, as they provide us a chance to connect — to ourselves, others, and the world around us. We aim that you leave an Art of Being event with a higher level of consciousness, feeling more present, and with greater mental and emotional wellness.

Make an appointment for an One-On-One Therapy Sessions. Our holistic counselors highlight everything that brings us back to ourselves. In every modality we offer, we hold space for, nourish, and strive for personal development.

Contact us to organise a Workshop or Seminar for your team. The Art of Being team are committed to providing insightful programs to help empower, unite and actualize your workforce’s potential. We combine practical knowledge and experience, reinforced by theories, models and research.