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Today’s world is more complex than ever. This is evidenced in the multi-faceted elements and speed inherent in the workplace.

Never before have we witnessed a workforce exposed to such integrated systems, facing this much globalisation, having to tackle challenges presented by both technological disruption and a global pandemic.

Art of Being Offers Curated Programs, Workshops & Seminars to Enrich the MENA Workforce .

Our founder, Asma graduated with an MBA from the London Business School and has been working in the asset management and investment sector for 13 years. Specialized in organizational behavior, strategy and leadership, her mission has always been to encourage the greatest human potential in the corporate world.

Asma is the first Emirati with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Sofia University) in Palo Alto, California.

This stellar degree not only enhanced her own life, it also added to her knowledge of organizational behavior, channeling creativity for positive team outcomes, offering effective resources to ignite leadership and sustain emotional intelligence at work.

Asma has proven capacity to weave the skills that have helped strengthen teams in the workplace, through her variety of bespoke programs and workshops that have been enriched by her theories, practical applications and expertise acquired during her gold standard Psychotherapy training.

This is now being expanded throughout Art of Being’s programs, workshops and seminars that have been curated by combining Asma’s knowledge in Psychology with her personal enrichment in the corporate world.

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How Does Psychology Affect the Workplace?

Psychology is the study of the mind. Our brain influences the decisions we take, how we lead in a team, stress management and even how we listen to others. Psychology is all around us – or rather, within us. Being aware of our own psychology is important, especially in the workplace; we have to interact, negotiate, communicate and in essence, work with others.

Add stress, cultural sensitivities, rapid technological changes and global pandemics to the mix and we potentially have a recipe for disaster if teams have not cultivated emotional intelligence or cultivated mental wellbeing practices and outlooks.

Are You in HR Looking to Uplift Your Workforce?

Backed by Psychology, interpersonal-effectiveness and experience, the Art Of Being team provides curated, personalized and effective programs, workshops and seminars to actualize an optimal working environment. Our projects can be carried out in either English or Arabic, embracing the U.A.E’S cultural values, and following COVID protocols.

Why Entrust Art of Being with Optimizing Your Team?

Seeing as our founder Asma is so passionate about enriching the corporate world with the knowledge she has acquired, so is the Art of Being team.

Our curated and personalized programs offer the opportunity workforces need to thrive – which ultimately reflects in the work they produce. It is a simple win-win anytime we incorporate mental and emotional awareness to the workplace. Participants are provided takeaway tools to integrate into their work life to provide long lasting results to their participation.

Do you want to foster creativity from your employees?, Are you committed to bringing out the best in your team?, Is an empowering working environment a priority to you?

Seeking Curated Programs for Your Workforce?

We are ready to help your team thrive.


We are ready to help your team thrive.

“Asma’s mindfulness session was truly engaging, interactive and highly useful. She was able to impart simple techniques to manage stress, maintain focus and be more present.”

– F.M., Director. (Mindfulness Workshop)

“Our HR organised a ‘team building workshop’ and I thought, “Here we go again”. It was definitely not what I had feared it would be. I am SO happy that I did join. I feel so much more connected to everyone in my team, it definitely made a difference.”

– M. H. (Team Building Workshop)

“The first time I thought about how my body stores stress, emotions and memories, was because Asma gave a workshop to my work team. I seriously thought only my mind held my memories, I had really no clue how much the impact my body felt, and held.”

– D. N. (Seminar on Stress Management)

“Asma was the first holistic healer I had with whom I could speak to in Arabic, and who just understood my cultural background. I felt really good being so understood and heard by her.”

– A.F. (One-On-One Emotional Wellness Consultation)

“Asma’s Expressive Art workshop was amazing. The course has enabled me to much more fully understand that therapy can heal and expose you through different processes. Particularly art therapy and how visual images and creativity can help you understand your stories and thoughts. Thank you Asma for being such an amazing, calm and patient teacher. I hope we can do the course again.”

– L.Z. (Expressive Arts Workshop)

Accept. Acknowledge. Awaken.